Habits for a Consistently Clean Home

Keeping your home consistently clean can be difficult. With the busy lives most of us lead it is difficult to find the time or energy to clean your home. We at Ogden Self Storage in Utah can help you in your dilemma. We have provided some cleaning and organization tips for you below that you really should get in the habit of doing so you can have the consistently clean home you need.

Put Things Away

Putting things away right after you use them is a wonderful habit to make. This way you don’t leave any unnecessary clutter around your home for you to pick up later. Make sure to have a place for everything you use on a day to day basis. If you have an organized home it is easier to put things away after you use them each time.

Put Away your Clothes

Laundry is a chore that is often a mess maker. If you fold and put your clothes away immediately after they are done being washed it will save you from having a pile of clothes to sort through and put away later. This can also be applied to your shoes. If you take your shoes off where you store them you can immediately put them where they belong.

Wipe Down Surfaces

Wiping down surfaces such as your kitchen and bathroom counters after use will save you the hassle of having to clean an extremely dirty surface later. Keep sanitizing wipes near surfaces that are used on a daily basis to help you in the wipe down process. Keeping this habit will also make sure your counters are free and clear of clutter.

Get Rid of Extras

Owning double of things in your home will just take up space and create a hassle for you later. While it is good to have a back-up for later, keeping it in your home may not be ideal. For these extra items you need to stock up on, consider renting a storage unit from Ogden Self Storage in Utah. With the variety of sizes available you can rent the storage unit you need and not over pay for space you don’t use.

Doing the Dishes

Nothing is worse than having a sink overflowing with dirty dishes. One habit that will prevent this from happening is by washing and or putting the dishes in the dishwasher right away. This will prevent clutter and unsightly smells coming from your sink. Dishes can be done in a matter of seconds if this habit is kept.

Dusting and Vacuuming

Take a day out of your week and dedicate that day to dusting and vacuuming your home. This will not only provide the cleanliness you desire, but also keep you in check when it comes to picking up the items you use off of the floor. If you have pets you might want to consider vacuuming a few times a week.