How to Maintain your Car in Storage

Do you have a classic car you just don’t have room to store? Or perhaps you are going to be traveling and need to keep your daily driver safe and secure? Renting a storage unit at Ogden Self Storage can be your answer. We have the unit you need no matter your situation. To make sure your car survives its stay in storage you need to take the time to follow the list of preparations below.

Cover your Car

You may have seen people who cover their cars in drive way or in the yard. You can use that same type of car cover when you put your car in the storage unit. You want to cover your car to keep dust and bugs from getting on the vehicle. Keeping it covered also protects it from the elements as well as scratches from boxes that may accidentally shift in the storage unit.

Clean Up

Clean up and clean out your vehicle. Many people live in their cars, which means a lot of different things can accumulate. By cleaning out your car you get to check and make sure you have gotten all of the important documents you need, music you like to listen to, and trash that would mold over, create a stench and attract critters. Most people wouldn’t pack dirty food cover clothes, or furniture, so pack a dirty vehicle.

Change the Oil and Gas It Up

Before you put your vehicle in the storage unit, you want to make sure it has a fresh oil change and a full tank of gas. This will help the car to start even if it has been sitting for an extended period of time. Fresh fluids help fight against contamination which could damage the car’s engine. If your car will be in storage for an extended period of time, the full tank of gas will help to stop the fuel tank and its seals from becoming dry.

Forget the Parking Brake

For many people it is a natural tendency to use your parking brake. Do not use the parking brake while your car is in the storage. The temperature could cause the rooters and the brake pads to fuse together.

Now that you have taken the time to prepare your car for its stay in a storage unit at Ogden Self Storage you can rest easy knowing it is safe and secure. For more information on our facility and the units we have available give us a call or stop by today.