How to Properly Store your Motorcycle this Winter

As the summer days near to an end you will need to start thinking about storage options when it comes to your motorcycle. Instead of having it take up space in your garage, you can easily rent a storage unit at Ogden Self Storage in Utah. Our facility has the security you need when it comes to make sure your bike is safe. To help you in prepping your motorcycle for its stay in storage we have provided some steps for you to follow below.

Clean the Surface

The first step to prepping your motorcycle for storage is to wash it. Even though you may not intend on riding it for a few months, this step is a necessity. You want to ensure the quality and durability of the paint on your bike by removing dirt, dust, and bug guts from the surface. After a good washing, make sure all surfaces of your bike are dry. Applying a coat of wax on the paint will help keep your bike looking new over the long winter months.

Change the Oil and Oil Filter

Having fresh oil and a brand new oil filter while the bike sits for a period of time will make sure you bike will stay running. It is also a benefit when you are itching to go out for the first ride of the season, it will be all ready to go. Taking the time to dab oil on your engine internals will protect your motorcycle engine during long periods of storage and the changing weather. By dabbing oil on internal engine parts you protect them from possible buildup of moisture that could occur.

Prep your Fuel System

Fuel tanks are known to rust when they are not in use and the gas inside them can become thick and gummy over long periods of time. To help combat this it is smart to pick up a fuel stabilizer. Follow the directions on the bottle of the fuel stabilizer and top off your tank right before placing it in storage. A full tank will help guard against unwanted moisture. To make sure the fuel stabilizer is fully mixed in with the fuel in the gas tank, take your bike for one final short ride of the season.

Protect your Tires

When placing a motorcycle in storage you need to remember it will remain stationary for quite some time. This often proves to be very hard on your tires and can create flat spots. By purchasing motorcycle stands you can elevate your bikes tires off the ground. If a motorcycle stand is not an option try to at least elevate the back tire of your bike or make weekly visits to your storage unit to rotate the tires.