How to Put Together and Maintain an Organized Laundry Room

Laundry rooms, big or small, can be hard to maintain. With the help of a storage unit at Ogden Self Storage you can get rid of the clutter that is taking up the much needed storage space in your laundry room. With the tips listed below you can easily put together and maintain an organized laundry room.

Sort and Purge your Wardrobe

The main cause of your laundry room clutter is due to your clothing. If you take the time to look at your closet you may notice that you don’t wear the majority of your clothing that is taking up valuable storage space and ultimately flowing over to your laundry room. By sorting through your clothing by season you can free up your closet space and get control of your wardrobe. A storage unit at Ogden Self Storage can give you the storage space you need when you are storing your out of season clothing.

Hide the Laundry Accessories

Doing laundry often requires you to have a lot of laundry essentials such as detergent, dryer sheets, and stain sticks. To give you laundry room the organization and cleanliness it needs you can hide the accessories with bins and baskets. Purchase bins or baskets that go along with your décor and hold all of your accessories.

Rethink Storage Solutions

Laundry rooms are known to be the smallest rooms in the house leaving you with little to no storage space. Because of the lack of space you need to rethink your storage solutions. Take advantage of the spaces you don’t usually use. Hanging storage behind the door can store any and all laundry essentials you may need. Think vertically and install shelving or hanging racks for your larger laundry items.

Consider New Appliances

If you are faced with a smaller laundry room you might want to consider purchasing space saving appliances. Stackable washer and dryers can give you twice as much space in your laundry room. This will open up the space you need for storage or for an area to sort and fold your laundry.